From: Truro, Cornwall

To: Godolphin Cross, Cornwall

Distance: 23.5 miles / 38 km

Total distance so far: 1,080.7 miles / 1,739 km

Date: 26 June 2021

Happy to have had a gate between me and this lot – they didn’t look too friendly!

The sea! The sea! After bidding goodbye to it at the end of April, a few days into the start of this absurdly long walk of mine across Britain, I saw the sea again this afternoon. I’d been slightly grumbling my way up a hill, bored of the endless lane walking and moving a bit faster than ideal to get to Godolphin Cross in time for my arranged 5pm pick up from my friend Judith (who whisked me away to her gorgeous holiday rental on The Lizard peninsula for the night) when suddenly, there it was in the distance. I know I’m close to the finish – my maps tell me that – but to actually glimpse the sea again? Hand on heart? It was thrilling.

Zoom in – that’s the sea in the distance!

I walked further today than I’d originally planned; I was making good time, the hiking was easy, and the weather was pretty perfect – slightly overcast for much of the day, and not too hot. I also knew that the rain – which I am listening to from the comfort of a warm, dry room right now, would be out in full ‘flood warning’ force tomorrow and I wanted to make my penultimate day (into Penzance) tomorrow as short as possible.

I love the dappled light on the canopy covered country lanes

On my way out of Truro I was passed again, on a farm track, by two friendly cyclists I’d met towards the end of my day yesterday. They were Land’s End bound too, after a week cycling in the West Country, and were kindly enthusiastic about my walk – not, at this point, that I need any encouragement to tell people where I’m going or where I’ve come from. I’m like one of those people who suddenly hits such a milestone birthday that one of the first things they tell people is how old they are: ‘I’m 95 you know’ and ‘I’ve walked from John O’Groats’ are two sides of the same coin – we’re all just incredulous at how far we’ve come, whether in years or miles, and we’re going to tell everyone about it, whether they are interested or not!

Pleasingly dilapidated farm buildings